Hey! I’m an Italian illustrator based in the city of Aberdeen in the north of Scotland! 

My work specialises in humorous illustration that can be applied to children's books, comics, editorial and animation. I have a strange fixation for drawing quirky animal characters and I have taken a lot of inspiration from Looney Tunes, Disney's Merry Melodies and a lot of Cartoon Network shows!  Early exposure to comic book artists such as Carl Barks, Don Rosa and Albert Uderzo have heavily directed my style since an early age. I work with both traditional and digital media and I've been known to dabble with spray paints from time to time. After studying computer arts and graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Gray's School of Art, I made illustration my main creative focus. I’m looking for commissions for children's books, editorial humour or mural art and I'm always happy to explore collaborations and new directions. 

If you think we can create something great together, get in touch!